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Member Delegate Pricing: $889+GST for Full Delegates
Social Guest for All Social Events: $539+GST
Attend Gala Event Only: $190+

Delegates are encouraged to make own way to Queenstown on or before Sunday 12th September. Accommodation can be booked directly with the hotel using the link provided in your confirmation email at completion of registration. If you require further itinerary support like; flights, ground transfers, group accommodation etc please indicate Yes above
You and your delegates consent to: Us (Laser Electrical Limited ) or our partners taking photographs, and making audio and video recordings of you at the Conference (Recordings); and Us sharing the Recordings to promote the Conference in any manner we see fit. You and your delegates understand and agree that we own all rights (including copyright and other intellectual property rights) to the Recordings. You and your delegates agree and understand that: We are under no obligation to use, or pay you for, our use of the Recordings; and You will have no right of approval, no claim for compensation, and no claim (including claims based on the invasion of privacy, moral rights, defamation or right of publicity) arising out of or directly or indirectly from the use and publication of the Recordings.